Beware of Counterfeit and
Knockoff battery strapping tools!

Sep , 2017  

Dear partners and friends,


Accompanied with the great success of our latest ZAPAK models ZP90A, ZP93A, and ZP97A strapping tools in recent years, we are now noticing there are knockoff strapping tools that closely resembles the older generation models of Zapak’s 9 series strapping tools in the market; these imitation tools are manufactured in China and are typically found selling on China based internet retailers by private resellers.


The imitation strapping tools are increasingly causing more confusion to consumers and affecting Zapak’s brand because these imitation strapping tools are very poorly made; the imitation tool’s quality and performance are intolerably unstable and unreliable.


So far from what we’ve gathered, the imitation tools have model numbers prefixed with “JD” or “JDC” or called “P30X.” There will likely be more different model names in the future, which we will update in our newsletters. We’ve also tested one of these imitation tools, and the results were entirely unacceptable, clearly these imitation tools do not follow the high standards of quality and precision throughout their entire production process required to make industrial grade battery strapping tools like Zapak does.


With a fully charged battery, the brand new imitation tool from China failed to function after only 14 strapping cycles; it was not able to complete another tensioning or sealing cycle even when we tried battery reset. In addition, the max tension force reached around 120 kg only, far lower than the 280 kg it declared on their catalogue.


If the imitation battery tools are prone to fail quickly and frequently, then it would be absurd to continue using imitation battery strapping tools no matter how much cheaper it is because you’ll be forced to constantly stop your busy production and packaging line. This shows the overall quality of the counterfeit or knockoff strapping tools from China are far from becoming the industrial grade strapping tools the market demands in terms of reliability and durability.


Kindly note, “ZAPAK” is a registered logo and brand name under Pantech International, Inc. We have been designing, developing, and producing industrial grade quality strapping tools in Taipei, Taiwan for more than 25 years. We do not have another factory plant elsewhere, not in China nor any other cities or countries. All ZAPAK tools model numbers begins with "ZP," and you can find a full range Zapak strapping tools on our websites


Should you have any questions or need any further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us. We remain at your service and we will respond to your requirements within 48 hours.


We appreciate your kind attention.