Why Zapak Brushless Motor has a longer service life span than Carbon-brush motor?
Oct ,2014

There are two major portions in old type Carbon-Brush motor that deteriorate motor life span.


1.    Carbon Brush: Most of the brush is made with ingredient of Carbon and Metal. As long as there is foreign material in the metal ingredient, it sparkles. Also carbon wears when it frictions with rotor. The nature of sparkling and self-wearing on carbon will naturally wear the brush and uplift the temperature of motor. Once the brush is worn, the motor dies eventually. The life span of carbon brush motor is based on how soon the carbon brush wears.


2.    Temperature Increase: The scale of temperature increase is higher by Carbon Brush motor than that by Brushless Motor. Motor deteriorates its Performance in increased temperature in three aspects as follows. 


2-1. It consumes more power in each strapping job. Hence the number of strapping jobs or sealing joints is reduced.

2-2. Higher temperature will reversely hazard carbon brush and shorten its life span.


2-3. Poorer performance such as less tension force out-put each time..   



However, Zapak Brushless Motor, is free from these shortcomings. There is NO carbon brush to friction with rotor. Zapak brushless motor will neither sparkle nor wear the brush since there is no brush and no contacts. Meanwhile, the scale on temperature increase is much smaller.


The only limitation on the life of a Brushless Motor is the quality of the bearing inside the motor. Life of brushless motor almost equals to life of the motor’s bearing. Zapak Brushless Motor uses the top quality bearing available in the world.  It provides extremely long life and durability.